We Alaskans
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1 Helen March "Having been raised in the brush, I was amazed at the sophisticated Cordova High School kids."
2 Rocky Cummins "I drifted up to Alaska, which I'd been told was a place where a feller could get a start."
3 Helena Andree "Mom trapped hundreds of squirrels every summer ... and taught us all the Native ways of doing things."
4 Lyle West " ... if you set (your shoes) on the floor, they'd freeze there and in the morning you'd have to kick 'em loose."
5 Emely DuBeau "The nearest neighbors were 35 miles away ..."
6 Chuck Porter "The kids I met at Juneau High are still some of the closest friends I've ever had."
7 Frances Ray " ... we women used to get teased all the time, that we'd come to Alaska to find husbands."
8 Minnie Swanda "We had exactly ten days to sort through all our belongings and say goodbye to our families and friends."
9 John Ireland "I got pretty disgusted with the antics of humanity and tried to find a more congenial lifestyle alone in the woods."
10 Betty Arnett "It still makes me laugh, to think of myself climbing into that little plane, wearing my veiled hat and high heels."
11 Daisy Lee Bitter " ... in 1954 we headed up the highway in a one-ton Diamond T pickup pulling a 30-foot house trailer."
12 Louise Wood "Our mother, because she had five American children, was sent to an internment camp in Hunt, Idaho."
13 Bob Moss " ... we wouldn't go halibut fishing in the spring until the price got up to ten cents a pound."
14 Mary More "We lived in a little ... apartment (in Nome) ... directly above the Nevada Bar."
15 Chris Anderson "I'm probably the only guy who has milked cows at 16,000 feet."
16 Capt. Jack Johnson "(I was a) deck boy... cutting bait and pulling codfish tongues, and I loved every minute of it."
17 Helena Ashby "My mom and dad had 13 children, and we all lived in a one-room log cabin."
18 David Kepler "When I was eight my dad grubstaked me to two dozen #1 traps and a .22 rifle, which I paid for by trapping."
19 Ella Woodhead "One of my first jobs was working in the Libby's cannery in Kenai ... although I wasn't old enough."
20 Jim Arness "Before it was all over, I'd seen every island in the Aleutians and been to all ten military bases."
21 Ella Wallace "Word spread quickly along the Alcan that three Swiss girls were traveling on bicycles (to Alaska)."
22 Ebba Hamm "I never learned to drive a car. But I drove dog teams, and I married a guitar-playing man."
23 Stan Brown "I was dreaming that I was going to fill that place (the Paxson Lodge) and I did."
24 Gus Weber "I did just about every damn thing you can think of at Kilcher's."
25 Elizabeth Dennis "We moved into an old abandoned house (in Craig) where we 'camped out' for the first five years."
26 Ashley Dickerson "My feeling when I got here was that Alaska was the real America ..."
27 Audrey Tuck "(My father) used to tell me over and over, 'Just be who you are. Just be yourself.'"
28 Al Clayton "I bought a 1935 Ford; it was in pretty bad shape. It used a quart of oil every 18 miles."
29 Rica Swanson "In those days teachers were not allowed to be married, so we didn't tell anyone ..."
30 Mabel Spencer "Altogether I spent ten years teaching in various villages, Bethel, Akiak, Eek, Kwethluk."
31 Dr. Joshua Wright " ... the Director of Public Health in Juneau wired me, asking, 'When can you leave?' I said, 'In 24 hours.'"
32 Charlotte Rogers " ... I had a hard time sleeping that first night, closed in a cabin, rather than under the stars."
33 Marie Radtke " ... we considered ourselves lucky. Thirty-two people lost their lives on the docks in Valdez."
34 Glenn McLain "Ruth and I counted 42 bears one afternoon."
35 Yvonne Krotke " ... I was so seasick, I was wishing I could die and get it over with."
36 Chuck Parsons "This was Spenard ... and he was one guy you didn't want to mess with."
37 Lone Janson "I had just turned 20 and living in a ghost town appealed to me."
38 Lorene Harrison " ... seeing that there was a piano aboard the Yukon, the two of us entertained the other passengers."
39 Vince Doran "Working on the White Alice project allowed me to travel all over Alaska."
40 Margret Pate "We ... went blundering around Anchorage, trying to adjust to the continual daylight."
41 Charles Sappah "There were so many chuck holes on the roads, our little girl would bounce almost to the ceiling on the bus."
42 Jack Lentfer "When I was about 40 feet from the bear she got up and started chasing me."
43 Harriet Hansen " ... I came down that hill so fast, I was totally out of control."
44 Dick Inglima "Seldovia was like no other place I've ever known. It was a way of life."
45 Mary Oldham "I still can't believe I did this, but somehow I managed to tear the door of that Super Cub right off."
46 Olga Hilleary " (Fishing) was hard, intense work but we loved it."
47 Irv Evenson "The potato business was good to us. We had three boys, so it was a family operation."
48 Bill Bacus "If the girls liked sailors, we were in the Navy. If they liked Marines, we were Marines."
49 Mildred Mantle "I was scared to death, but when you're forced to do things, you do them."

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