March 2009

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Preserving Family Histories

Sharon Bushell has been collecting stories of individuals for over twenty years. Her work gathering memories of Alaskan pioneers earned her the Alaska Governor's Award for the Arts and Humanities in 2004. Many of those stories were published in the Anchorage Daily News from 2002 to 2005. She has published two books which include the stories of some of those Alaskans. The book titles are We Alaskans and We Alaskans Volume II.

Sharon has interviewed numerous individuals throughout the country. These personal taping sessions have resulted in numerous life story manuscripts. The hardbound of soft cover books are gifts from family members for their children and future generations. Sharon spends many hours with the individual taping, transcribing, editing, discussing and choosing photos and designing the final layout. These books have ranged from 20 to 200 pages in length and take a month to three months to complete.

In 2007, Sharon was hired by the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council to conduct and edit close to 100 interviews of individuals directly involved with the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Her book co-authored with Stan Jones is The Spill:Personal Stories from the Exxon Valdez Disaster.